Since establishing our company in April 2017 our core values have been sustainable and healthy wild game meat snacking. These values have not changed.


    We manufacture our products solely and proudly only from wild game meat. This guarantees that the animals have lived in the pure wild nature feeding themselves with nature's offerings.


    Wild meat is better for our planet and for animal well-being. Animals live in their own inhabitat and the co2/kg emissions are drastically lower compared to industrially farmed beef and lamb.


    Renjer stands for a healthy lifestyle where we enjoy the nature and eat the nature. With their good nutritional values our snacks are a perfect addition to your daily or weekly adventures. Enjoy your Renjer moment on the go!

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It's been already some years since the start and many things have happened along the way. Read on and we will cover you with the highlights from the beginning till today!

It all started at Lund University in Southern Sweden

Three guys Anton, Alex and Tim pursuing their Masters degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation met up and got a business idea to develop a jerky snack from reindeer meat. In the end of their studies they turned their business idea into reality.

The summer after graduation began with a long sales trip through Lapland

The newly started entrepreneurs had no experience with retail sales or food products and the first product they developed was reindeer jerky packed in a gift box.

Launch of our first proper product range

In the end of 2017 the entreprenerus had learnt their lesson with the first product which led them to the development of their first product range! The range became an immediate success and consisted of Reindeer Jerky, Elk Jerky and Deer jerky.

Renjer on German Dragon's Den TV-show

17th of September 2019 was a magical date for the founders. They had the chance to pitch their product on TV to the investors in the German version of Dragon's Den, Die Höhle der Löwen. They didn't leave empty handed but got an investment from the Lion Ralf Dümmel.

Renjer today and in the close future

Today we keep on delivering our promise of wildness and purity. Now our product range consist of four products split to traditional and modern line. If you haven't tried them yet, you should!

More products will be introduced in the close future.

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