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What is Renjer Wild Jerky?

RENJER is a meat snacks brand founded in Lund, Sweden. It’s the first brand to widely commercialize the consumption of wild game meat in Scandinavia.

Our Wild Jerky is thin slices of wild meat, natural, sustainable and carefully dried to ensure the best possible quality.

Our aim is to make you taste the pure wilderness of the North, while providing your body with clean nutrients.

Where is the meat from?

We source our reindeer meat from Sweden and Finland The elk and the red deer meats are sourced from both Finland and Estonia.

Where do you produce?

We produce our jerky at an IFS Food certified manufacturing facility in Czech Republic, close to Prague. Our partner facility follows the strictest safety regulations.

Is wild jerky organic?

Wild meat is close to organic, but it cannot be labelled as such. This is due to the fact that diet of the wild animals cannot be controlled, but they live freely in the nature. Additionally, wild game are not farmed animals but free grazing.

Are Renjer products healthy?

Wild Game is lean meat compared to many other meats. It is naturally high in protein, low in fat and free of carbohydrates. According the the University of Tromsø game meat such as reindeer even has an extraordinary high content of the necessary Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and contains significant amounts of vitamins (e.g. B12), iron and zinc, which is a result of the natural diet of the wild animals.

Can your products cause any allergies?

None that we are aware of. Our products are free of ingredients that have to be declared as allergens. If you have a rare allergy: Please read the nutritional declaration of the product before purchasing it and before consuming it.

What do I have to consider when I consume wild jerky?

You are eating a piece of nature. Renjer Wild Jerky is dried meat which is ready to eat. This means no preparation is needed, just open the package and enjoy. We guarantee that our products are fresh as packaged until the expiry date. After that date we cannot guarantee that the products still have the same quality. We recommend to consume every opened package within 48 hours.

Can it happen that I receive a bad product?

Our products are manufactured at an IFS Food certified facility which guarantees that this should not happen. Anyways, in extremely rare cases there might be a manufacturing fault when sealing the package which allows air to enter the bag. In this case the jerky becomes moldy rather quickly. If you receive a faulty product, please contact us immediately and send a picture of the backside of the product.

What is the small bag packged together with meat pieces?

It’s an oxygen absorber and should not be eaten. Therefore it’s clearly labeled with “do not eat”. By adding this small piece to the packages, we can keep our jerkies fresh with significantly less preservatives, which is good for your health. So just don’t eat it and recycle it together with the rest of the packaging!

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