Best Hiking Snacks - What are they?

Best Hiking Snacks - What are they?

What are the best hiking snacks?

When going hiking you need to carry a lot of necessary gear, especially if you are going for a long hike and also plan to stay overnight somewhere. You might have your tent, a sleeping bag, an extra set of clothes, in case it gets cold or you happen to get wet. Therefore your backpack is usually already full of the equipment, but you also need to fit in some nutrition - food to be cooked and snacks to be eaten on the way. The best hiking snacks are the ones that do not weight a lot and have a balanced nutritional consistency. We made a small comparison between different snacks that we have personally found suitable for hiking. 

There is a handful of snacks that fall into this category:

1. Trail mixes as hiking snacks

Trail mixes have relatively low weight compared to the energy they provide. Usually trail mixes taste natura, are high in fat and protein, which makes them a good supply for energy when hiking. The downside of trail mixes is the fact that they usually contain nuts and therefore are not suitable for people allergic to nuts. Seeberger Trail Mix on Amazon:


2. Jerky as a hiking snack

Jerky is dried meat, which makes it usually really high in protein compared to the weight. Depending on the meat the jerky is made out of, usually it is low in fat, has basically no carbohydrates and like mentioned before comes with high protein. Our all jerkies come with a high natural level of protein and our elk has the highest amount of protein, 77% of the content. They are also packaged in a convenient bag that only takes a small space. Therefore jerky is an excellent choice for a hiking snack, but of course only if you eat meat. Our jerky on Amazon: ;) Alternatively you can see all of our jerkies here:


3. Energy bars as a hiking snack

Energy bars are also low in their weight compared to the energy they provide. Energy bars are rather low priced and there is a huge selection to choose from. The nutritional values of the energy bars vary a lot depending on the brand and different variants. The huge downside of energy bars is that they usually contain a high amount of added sugar. Therefore it is important to check the bars you are purchasing so you do not exceed your daily recommended sugar intake. However, when you are hiking you also consume more calories, which means that your body also requires more sugar. Clif Bar (with nuts, but there are also nut free options):
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