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How RENJER can help you live healthier

People ask us often if eating RENJER jerky is healthy. Happily, we can answer that yes, it is healthy, but like with any other food you should not eat too much of it. This all depends how you look at it.

If you compare RENJER to some other snacks like potato chips or candy, we definitely win in the competition. If you compare RENJER to eating nuts - it depends. Many nuts are healthy. Some nuts, especially the roasted ones have a lot of added oil on them. Anyways, some of us (like the RENJER team) prefer to snack meat. And not any meat but in particular jerky - you need to be careful here, because many meat snacks, such as snack sausages contain up to 40% fat. Many jerkies such as our RENJER are healthy and can be included as a part of healthy diet. Below we list a couple of reasons how RENJER can help you live healthier.

Replace unhealthy snacks with wild jerky

Changing your snacking habits and replacing your weekly or daily unhealthy snacks with wild jerky will make a difference. In long term you will eat less calories, fat and carbohydrates with high glycaemic index. Instead you will eat protein in a high-quality form. Think about how often you snack unhealthy snacks and look at the backside of the package - often you end up eating up to 500 calories. One bag of our jerky contains around 100 calories and keeps your snack cravings away. Even if you eat two bags you will only take in 200 calories which is really not a lot when it comes to having a snack!

Be healthier by consuming less saturated fat

Our products are very low on fat and on saturated fat. As you might know saturated fat has adverse health effects and it can increase your cholesterol levels. Eat more Renjer instead of other snacks and you will have a smaller intake of saturated fat. And that is so good for your health!Snack protein instead of fast carbohydrates

If you are into eating candy you might have noticed that it is quite hard to satisfy your cravings only with a couple of jellies. Candy also does not fill you and from the high white sugar content you will get a sugar rush meaning that your blood sugar will rise rapidly - in a short time it will also decrease as rapidly as it rose. And boom! You are hungry again. With Renjer you avoid this. Our protein-rich snacks will fill you for a while and because our products contain zero sugar you will not have a hard crash of your blood sugar level.

These are just some of our thoughts on how we at RENJER can contribute to your well-being. If you think that we missed something or have some ideas - let us know in the comment box below.

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